Javmec Rui Hiiragi sneaks together with the black guy

Rui Hiiragi, a lascivious girlfriend with big breasts, has secretly sneaked with her lover's Western friend after being introduced by this guy. From abroad to Japan, the black friend when studying abroad of his boyfriend, Rui Hiiragi, took him home to drink and review the old stories. But the guy did not expect to take you home to play at the same time as his lewd girlfriend surreptitiously fuck each other with his best friend.

Originally a lewd woman who liked to make love, Rui Hiiragi had just fallen in love with the Western man because of his muscular appearance. Not only that, but with many rumors about having sex with a guy in the West, it is the best because, in addition to their big boobs, they also have extremely skilled sex techniques.

After having dinner with his lover and friend, Rui Hiiragi quickly glanced at him lovingly, using sexually suggestive gestures to make her want to make love to him. As if she understood what she meant, the black man quickly got drunk on his best friend and then sneaked together with the lustful girl Rui Hiiragi.
Javmec Rui Hiiragi sneaks together with the black guy

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